Unusual casino games from all over the world

Unusual casino games

Casinos are known for their classic games like poker, roulette and blackjack. There are some unusual variants spread around the globe that are not found everywhere.

We look at some of the most exotic versions available. Online casinos are places where the diversity will surprise you too. Click and let yourself be transported to a digital paradise!

1. Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game. It is played with three dice and the goal is to bet on different combinations of dice. What’s special about it is the variety of possible applications at a fast pace.

2. Pachinko

Pachinko is a mix of slot machine and pinball machine, very popular in Japan. A person buys small metal balls to put into the machine. They then collide with different pins and end up in winning or losing zones. It’s colorful, loud and a real experience.

3. Crabes

Crabes is a simple dice game from the Caribbean. It is similar to the well-known title Craps, but has simpler rules. The result is set on two dice. Often seen on streets.

4. Banca Francesa

Unusual casino games

Banca Francesa is a fast dice game from Portugal. It is designed with three dice and has three possible bets: “Big”, “Small” and “Aces”. It has high chances of winning but also high risk.

5. Kalooki

Kalooki is a variant of rummy and is very popular in Jamaica. It is played with a set of two standard decks of cards and jokers. You’re trying to form sets or rows of cards and strategic depth is required.

6. Fan Tan

Fan Tan has its roots in China. But it can be found in many Asian casinos. It is played with a pile of small objects, of which the dealer places an unknown number on the table. You bet on how many items are left at the end.

7. Two Up

Two-Up is a traditional Australian dice game. Two coins are thrown into the air. You have to judge whether it’s heads or tails. It is particularly popular on ANZAC Day in Australia.

8. Boules

Unusual casino games

Boule is France’s simpler version of roulette. Instead of a roulette ball, a small ball called a “boule” is used. The rules are similar to those of roulette, but are simpler, ideal for beginners. Boule is mainly seen in France. He is known for his relaxed pace.

9. Trente et Quarante

Trente et Quarante, also known as “Red and Black”, is an Italian version. It is played with six decks with the aim of betting on two hands, each trying to get as close to 30 points as possible. It is known for its elegance and historical charm and is mostly celebrated in European countries.

10. Birdsong

Birdsong is totally unique. You can find them in some Belgian halls. Instead of cards or dice, real birds are used here. You have to bet on who will sing first. It is a relic of ancient traditions and offers a really fun experience.

Final Thoughts

This world is diverse and exciting. From historical card games to nature-based ones, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

They offer not only entertainment, but also a deep insight into the traditions and social history of the countries from which they come, reflecting the rich diversity of human creativity and joy.

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